Springing into Summer

Springing into Summer: Nail Art Contest & Sale!


To celebrate the official start of Summer, V1 BY LaTae has partnered with Deep Waters ASMR to host a nail art contest! We’re giving away $100 worth of prizes to THREE creative winners that are willing to test their creativity by making a magnificent mani for the theme: Springing into Summer! This manicure should be what YOU envision when you picture this time of year.

Check out Deep Waters ASMR's contest post on Instagram (@DeepWatersASMR) for more information on how to enter! 




Deep Waters ASMR's crafty creations, featuring V1 BY LaTae's air gel nail polishes, have inspired us to put each color featured in her sets on sale! 


For a limited time, shop each of the colors featured by Deep Waters ASMR for just $6.25 each, or $50 for all eight! Between this contest and sale, you're sure to be springing into summer! ☀️

 Text: Shop the eight select colors featured by Deep Waters ASMR for just $6.25 each!