10 Qualities Your Nail Polish Needs!

10 Qualities Your Nail Polish Needs

Let’s take a moment and talk about nail polish quality. I’m going to start by guessing two things. First, that you’ve probably spent a small fortune on nail polish. Second, most of those polishes have left you unimpressed in one way or another. Many nail polish brands call themselves quality, but they have little or no qualities, benefits that inspire you to buy them. Today, let’s talk about ten MUST HAVE qualities to look for in your next nail polish purchase! 

Quality One: Vibrant

This is a given. No matter your color of choice, from neon to pastel, nail polish should be aesthetically striking and lovely.

Quality Two: Vegan

I could write an entire article about what makes a nail polish ‘vegan’, and I probably will! Until then, I’ll keep it simple. Vegan polishes are not made with animal-derived substances, and usually avoid animal-testing as well! “What animal-derived substances and by-products could possibly be in nail polish?”, you ask? Well, fish scales, oyster shells, and bug resin are common examples. Picking vegan cosmetics helps to minimize the harm done by cosmetic brands to animals. For those who have a vegan diet, polishes like this are perfect for their lifestyle as well!

Quality Three: #-Free

If you’re a nail polish fanatic, you’ve probably heard of 3-Free, 5-Free, 7-Free, 9-Free, or even 10-Free nail polish brands. If you aren’t, you probably have no clue what I’m talking about. This is another topic I could write an article about, but here are the main points. There are loads of harmful chemicals and allergens that are commonly used in nail polish*. These chemicals and allergens are known to cause a series of negative effects, ranging from allergic reactions to nailbed damage, and even malformed embryos.


I know what you’re thinking, “Malformed embryos? That’s a bit of a stretch from nail polish.” Think of it this way, if a chemical can do that much damage to an embryo, why would you use it? Especially if it’s not needed. Try to find nail polish brands that minimize your exposure to unnecessary, harmful chemicals. The higher the free-ness, the less chemicals!


*- Some countries have stricter regulation on chemicals for cosmetic use.

Quality Four: Inclusive

Both parts of quality four are a play on the word ‘inclusive’. Part one: socially inclusive! Nail care and nail health are not just topics for women! Simply put, cosmetics should be for everyone, regardless of their skin tone, age, gender, ability-level, or any of the other factors that prevent people from loving the world of health & beauty products.

Part two: all-inclusive! Think about all the items you typically use with nail polish just to properly apply and remove it. Primer, basecoat, topcoat, nail polish remover, maybe even moisturizers. The costs just add up. What if there was a polish that functioned great by itself? All-inclusive polishes are the answer! They’re made to be an excellent all-in-one solution.


Note: You usually can still use all your normal nail items (primer, basecoat, topcoat, and nail polish remover) with all-inclusive nail polishes, if you want. Always check your brand to be sure, though!

Quality Five: Moisturizing

Many nail polishes contain chemicals that dry your nails. This leads to brittleness and you needing to purchase additional products to strengthen your nails! Moisturizing polishes prevent this problem, saving your nails (and your wallet) in the long run.

Quality Six & Seven: Air-Drying & Fast-Drying

Alright, I’ll admit, this is a bit of preference, but I LOVE a nail polish that just dries quickly. No curing, fans, or hope necessary! A fast-drying, air-drying nail polish that can be fully applied in 15 minutes or less is PERFECT for busy, hands-on lives. These polishes are often called quick-dry, fast-drying, or smudge-free. 

Quality Eight: Scentless or Fresh-Scented

Traditional nail polishes have a strong chemical smell. For some, the strong smell may cause headaches and nausea. Some scentless polishes work so well, you can paint your nails next to someone without them knowing it! The lack of terrible smell prevents you from literally getting sick of your nail polish!

Quality Nine: Easy Application

Easy application links back to SO MUCH of what I’ve already said. Your nail experience should be smooth, even if you’re terrible at painting nails. If you find yourself getting frustrated or taking a long-time, try searching for a different product that fits your needs!

Quality Ten: Easy Removal

Peel-off nail polish! No, it’s not as crazy as it sounds. Peel-off nail polish isn’t just for kids! Finding a peel-off polish with all of the qualities I’ve already said nearly guarantees you a nail experience you’ll enjoy, without needing to use acetone or nail polish remover (aka more unnecessary chemicals that can damage or weaken your nails). Peel-off polishes are just plain healthier for your nails. They also give you the opportunity to swap out your polishes as often as you want!


There you have it! Ten must-have qualities that will make your ‘quality’ nail polish worth your purchase! Wondering where you can find a polish with these qualities? Check out our catalogue for V1 BY LaTae’s growing selection of vibrant, vegan, inclusive, 18-free, moisturizing, fresh-scented, air drying, fast drying, easy application, and easy removal nail polish!

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